From it’s inception EDable was always intended to have bases in London and the North East. Claire and Mags have both lived and practiced in London for a number of years, and since relocating to the North East have been keen to maintain a strong connection with London. We have permanent staff in both offices, and Newcastle has an easy train connection to London, so having two offices gives

us a much greater geographical reach. It also gives us both urban and rural perspectives on the world – the best of both worlds.

Northumberland Studio

The Northumberland studio is based in our home in the Kings Head in Blyth, Northumberland. We have approximately 10,000 sqft of crumbling Victorian hotel, which more recently was home to two of Blyth’s ‘premier’ night-clubs. The plan for 2016 is to move the studio from our increasingly cramped study into one of the much larger former night-club spaces. Ultimately the new studio space will link to the PLYable workshop below. Progress will be recorded in the News section. Long term we would also like to re-open the ground floor bars for some kind of community use – and would welcome ideas for this.


As part of our flexible (FLEXable) working ethos staff work from home, on site, on trains or either of our offices, and meetings are often held on site, or in a variety of coffee shops.


Islington Studio

The Islington studio is a space shared with Oaker and Oobe. It was also Ed Bennett’s former office space and we were keen to maintain a link with his office.


The space is very much a shared studio, enjoyed by Oaker (who do design and complex visualisations) and Oobe who are landscape architects (whose Newcastle office also used to share a space with Mags’ former practice).


We are keen to maintain a collaborative and flexible working environment and would like to broaden this in the future.

FLEXable working

The pictures below represent just a few of the spaces we met recently.

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