We have a long-standing commitment to architectural education with Mags having taught at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne School of Architecture now for over 10 years.


Our teaching involves both studio based design tutoring and practice led research projects, and inevitably overlaps with many of the ideas and themes explored in EDable’s architecture and furniture. We see teaching as very much a conversation between student and tutor, and believe we gain as much from this conversation as we give. Teaching is also an opportunity for us to collaborate with other interesting architects, designers, engineers and makers. The images scrolling on the right are examples from the past few years.


This year our BA design studio is exploring Infrastructure and Ritual, and started with the students making Heath Robinson inspired 'contraptions' - shown on the video link below. The studio follows an interest in seeing places as dynamic systems and exploring them at a number of simultaneous scales - from the infrastructural processes that underpin contemporary cities, to the fine grain personal rituals and routines of everyday life. We are keen to see how architecture can respond to changing needs and circumstances, so will be challenging students to explore this both programmatically and tectonically.


We are also about to embark on a research project jointly with Masters level Psychology students from Sunderland University and Architecture students from Newcastle University, investigating how spaces can learn from their users and vice versa. This will involve the students making 1:1 prototypes and testing them in real world scenarios. We suspect this might also involve some plywood . . .


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